Writing Techniques To Share

Posted: Friday, August 13, 2010 | Posted by Karen Lopez | Labels:
I want to share to you some writing techniques that I've learned through constant writing. This post stemmed from a constant query from my friends why I can finish our writing assignments in a short span of time. I'm not really a good writer. But, I 'm teachable. To perfect my grammar, I tend to study every now and then. I also update my style and topics. Another thing, I read a lot. If I get bored reading articles and blog posts, I look for interesting and unique topics like paranormal, horror stories, movie reviews, and war history. From there, I study each writer's technique of conveying messages. I also pinpoint their weaknesses and try to learn from there.

There are also articles about matters on writing techniques to share for budding writers. I've read some of those articles in some article directories. Just find the writing category and you can find tons of writing articles that might help you. My technique also include mind mapping or thinking of the short outline. If I have paper and pen with me, I'll write down the outline. If none, I'll use the notepad in my computer. Creativity is also a technique in writing. Why? There's a lot of ideas that must be interwoven with creativity. If you fail to do this, your articles will turn out to be dull and boring. In order to perfect your writing skills, just practice everyday. I'm doing that also just by having this blog post on writing technique to share.


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