Summer Afternoon

Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2010 | Posted by Karen Lopez | Labels:
That summer afternoon, there was a huge shift in my life. I always wanted to live a life with you. But, fate is sometimes funny. Unreliable as it is, I lost everything I had because you wanted to take your nod with destiny. That was my destiny. You told me to take a safer road but not with you. I said, "it's not possible". But later on, I realized that it is feasible. Why? I will have the chance to revise my dreams. I will have the chance to dream bigger things. It was like saying, "then, try to live life without my shadow". From then on, I tried and tried to shape a life that is fair. Fair enough that I have to start from step one.

One summer afternoon, I realized that you are right. At this time, that safer road that you said is visible. I have someone by my side who loves God more than me but loves me more than anything else. Isn't it lovely? This new life is a reflection of how you wanted me to get out of that "fateful" dream. So, the days of talking about strange things are over. We take our separate roads already. I think I am fine now. But how about you? Did you find that safer road that you deserve? Admittedly, I cried when I finally turn to leave you. But this time, I was amazed on how things turn out to be. Indeed, this is a safer road. With this summer afternoon, life is already fair.


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