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Posted: Friday, August 13, 2010 | Posted by Karen Lopez | Labels:
Welcome to Smiley Karen Pages! This is an online writing network blog. There's a need to integrate all topics written for this network. These topics include fashion, beauty, pets, entertainment, law, society, philosophy, daily news, real estate, travel, and other related matters. You can also find news and tips about the writing industry. I've been writing for about three years already, and for that short span of time I've already known those sites that pays or not. That if,  you write in your blog for money.

I have so many reasons why I write. The primary reason is that writing is my way of escaping boredom. I'm easily get bored, especially when things are getting monotonous. I hate it when I have nothing to do or when I'm doing nothing. So, I read a lot and write my opinions on simple and pressing matters. It depends upon the situation. Next, I write for money. I learned to do this when I got to work in companies that do the same. They hire people to write for others. And I realized that it's a lucrative business, only when you're getting paid. Yes, because there are sites that do not pay, hence scam. Smiley Karen Pages is designed to integrate all things about the Internet, writing, and even search engine optimization. I will share other things in my next post.


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