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Let me discuss to you about legitimate writing sites. In my three years of online writing, I was able to separate the good sites and the scam sites. Other writing sites do not pay writers, while some give payments on time. There are two websites that I would like to feature here.  The first one is Associated Content and the other one is Bukisa. I can really say that these sites pay writers or those who are doing work-at-home jobs. With Associated Content, they paid me twice in my PayPal account. The process of their payment is also quick, you just have to provide your correct PayPal account and name in your AC account. You can write any topic you want and upload the same in their website. As of now, international writers don't earn that much from the site. Lately, they're focusing on American writers, and I suspect it's because of tax payment issues. Maybe you know why, so just comment in this post.

Let's discuss about Bukisa. For me, the site is one of the best legitimate writing sites I've known online. I've been paid by the site for my articles views. Although some members of the site are not that friendly, I gained few followers in the site for staying so patient about it. You can upload articles, videos and photos to earn money. Just write quality articles and share it to your friends. You can also grow your down line by inviting friends and family members to write for Bukisa. When I got my first payment via PayPal, I realized that Bukisa is one of the legitimate writing sites that online writers can trust. If you want to try it, click here Share Your Knowledge, Earn Money. I hope you got some ideas for your work-at-home journey.


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