Writing Techniques To Share

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I want to share to you some writing techniques that I've learned through constant writing. This post stemmed from a constant query from my friends why I can finish our writing assignments in a short span of time. I'm not really a good writer. But, I 'm teachable. To perfect my grammar, I tend to study every now and then. I also update my style and topics. Another thing, I read a lot. If I get bored reading articles and blog posts, I look for interesting and unique topics like paranormal, horror stories, movie reviews, and war history. From there, I study each writer's technique of conveying messages. I also pinpoint their weaknesses and try to learn from there.

There are also articles about matters on writing techniques to share for budding writers. I've read some of those articles in some article directories. Just find the writing category and you can find tons of writing articles that might help you. My technique also include mind mapping or thinking of the short outline. If I have paper and pen with me, I'll write down the outline. If none, I'll use the notepad in my computer. Creativity is also a technique in writing. Why? There's a lot of ideas that must be interwoven with creativity. If you fail to do this, your articles will turn out to be dull and boring. In order to perfect your writing skills, just practice everyday. I'm doing that also just by having this blog post on writing technique to share.

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Legitimate Writing Sites

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Let me discuss to you about legitimate writing sites. In my three years of online writing, I was able to separate the good sites and the scam sites. Other writing sites do not pay writers, while some give payments on time. There are two websites that I would like to feature here.  The first one is Associated Content and the other one is Bukisa. I can really say that these sites pay writers or those who are doing work-at-home jobs. With Associated Content, they paid me twice in my PayPal account. The process of their payment is also quick, you just have to provide your correct PayPal account and name in your AC account. You can write any topic you want and upload the same in their website. As of now, international writers don't earn that much from the site. Lately, they're focusing on American writers, and I suspect it's because of tax payment issues. Maybe you know why, so just comment in this post.

Let's discuss about Bukisa. For me, the site is one of the best legitimate writing sites I've known online. I've been paid by the site for my articles views. Although some members of the site are not that friendly, I gained few followers in the site for staying so patient about it. You can upload articles, videos and photos to earn money. Just write quality articles and share it to your friends. You can also grow your down line by inviting friends and family members to write for Bukisa. When I got my first payment via PayPal, I realized that Bukisa is one of the legitimate writing sites that online writers can trust. If you want to try it, click here Share Your Knowledge, Earn Money. I hope you got some ideas for your work-at-home journey.

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Smiley Karen Pages

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Welcome to Smiley Karen Pages! This is an online writing network blog. There's a need to integrate all topics written for this network. These topics include fashion, beauty, pets, entertainment, law, society, philosophy, daily news, real estate, travel, and other related matters. You can also find news and tips about the writing industry. I've been writing for about three years already, and for that short span of time I've already known those sites that pays or not. That if,  you write in your blog for money.

I have so many reasons why I write. The primary reason is that writing is my way of escaping boredom. I'm easily get bored, especially when things are getting monotonous. I hate it when I have nothing to do or when I'm doing nothing. So, I read a lot and write my opinions on simple and pressing matters. It depends upon the situation. Next, I write for money. I learned to do this when I got to work in companies that do the same. They hire people to write for others. And I realized that it's a lucrative business, only when you're getting paid. Yes, because there are sites that do not pay, hence scam. Smiley Karen Pages is designed to integrate all things about the Internet, writing, and even search engine optimization. I will share other things in my next post.

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Summer Afternoon

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That summer afternoon, there was a huge shift in my life. I always wanted to live a life with you. But, fate is sometimes funny. Unreliable as it is, I lost everything I had because you wanted to take your nod with destiny. That was my destiny. You told me to take a safer road but not with you. I said, "it's not possible". But later on, I realized that it is feasible. Why? I will have the chance to revise my dreams. I will have the chance to dream bigger things. It was like saying, "then, try to live life without my shadow". From then on, I tried and tried to shape a life that is fair. Fair enough that I have to start from step one.

One summer afternoon, I realized that you are right. At this time, that safer road that you said is visible. I have someone by my side who loves God more than me but loves me more than anything else. Isn't it lovely? This new life is a reflection of how you wanted me to get out of that "fateful" dream. So, the days of talking about strange things are over. We take our separate roads already. I think I am fine now. But how about you? Did you find that safer road that you deserve? Admittedly, I cried when I finally turn to leave you. But this time, I was amazed on how things turn out to be. Indeed, this is a safer road. With this summer afternoon, life is already fair.

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